Wool Dryer Balls


Dryer sheets are covered in synthetics and chemicals and do nothing to improve the speed and quality of drying clothes.  These 100% All Natural Wool Dryer Balls are the perfect addition to your laundry routine!

They help reduce drying time, replace expensive dryer sheets and help to soften clothes naturally.  Plus they are chemical free so there's no residue left behind on clothes. 

  • Shortens drying time
  • Reduces need for fabric softener & dryer sheets
  • Softens laundry naturally
  • Reusable over & over
  • Use up to 1000 loads

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        100% All Natural Wool Dryer Balls

        As the dryer balls tumble in the dryer, they create airy gaps allowing heat to distribute evenly, reducing drying time, carbon footprint and money.  They are the perfect substitute for chemical laden dryer sheets. 

        • Non-Allergenic
        • NO chemicals, perfumes or Dyes
        • Fragrance free
        • Lasts for months

              Place 3 dryer balls in the dryer per load. For smaller loads, use less dryer balls. Reusable for up to 1000 loads
              100% Natural Wool