Feeder Teether


Little Twig Feeder Teether is the perfect bundle for your baby to be introduced to solid foods while also having something to chew on for the incoming teeth. This teether has a silicone design and was made with the safety of the baby as its number one priority. There are no sharp edges or hard plastics that could hurt or injure your loved one in any way. Also, because of its silicone material, this feeder teether is extremely easy to clean. Each part of this item can pop out so that you can scrub every nook and cranny to ensure a sanitary feeder. As a feeder, the perforated pacifier can hold fresh fruits or vegetables, frozen baby food, frozen breast milk, and so much more. The handles of the teether contains ridges and bumps so that it can be flipped over and doubled as a teether. This item is a bundle that includes the feeder teether, three medium size pouches, three large size pouches, a measuring cup cap, and a silicone baby ice tray. This is a one stop shop that has all the necessary tools to provide your baby with the best feeder teether possible. 

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  • QUALITY FEEDER/TEETHER: This Little Twig teether and feeder combo is perfect for your baby especially when introducing solid foods for the first time. While your infant is weaning and teething this is a must have item for them to transition simply and smoothly!
  • MADE SAFE: This feeder teether is made of silicone making it extremely safe for your loved ones. There are no hard plastics or sharp edges that could compromise the health and well being your baby, child, or infant.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Due to its silicone composition, it also makes it exceptionally simple and easy to clean. A simple rinse off with soap is all it takes to clear out this item until it is ready to be put back to use again.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: This item possesses the versatility to serve in a multitude of ways with beneficial attributes. It can be used as a feeder when your baby would like to consume fruits, baby food or breast milk. However, when you flip it over, the baby can use the handles as a teether to chew and nibble to the hearts content.
  • BUNDLE SET: This item is will include the baby teether/feeder/pacifier as well as 3 small silicone pouches and 3 large silicone pouches, a dual cap measuring cup and a silicone freezer tray with the lid. This is your one stop item that contains everything you need for your baby. 


          Assembly Instructions: 

          1. Insert pouch through the attachment ring.

          2. Place frozen cube or soft food inside the pouch.

          3. Press the handle into the attachment ring tightly. 

          4. Pull the handle to check that it is securely placed. 

          Freezer Tray Instructions: 

          1. Fill tray with baby food, purees, formula or breastmilk to the max line. 

          2. Use cap as measuring cup. Each pocket holds up to 10 ml.

          3. Seal with silicone cover and place in freezer. (Tray holds up to 2 oz.) 


          Care Instructions: 

          1. Handwasher