About Us

Naturally we were first.

Long before the Natural Products movement became popular Little Twig knew that the ingredients used in mass market personal care products were often harmful to your family.  Hence why Little Twig was born. We have stayed true to our ethos of creating effective products using the most natural ingredients we can find. Raising a family is hard. Picking a product that doesn't harm them shouldn't be.  Shop Little Twig today.

Baby Came First. Others Followed.

As we continued to research and formulate new Personal Care products it soon became apparent that ingredients used in mass market cleaning products were harmful to your family. And sure enough we noticed the same for the products you use to clean your clothes. So we got to work on developing a full range of Cleaning & Laundry Supplies. Little Twig is proud to be able to offer you all you need to keep your family, home and laundry clean and safe.
No Chemicals. Natural Ingredients. No synthetics. Natural Fragrances. Formulated For Your Family. Not For Profits.

Plant-Based Laundry

Natural Bath & Body

Safer Cleaning