Baby Bath Time

You probably already noticed if your kiddo loves bath time or just can’t stand it. Every child is different but here are our top tips to making bath time a splash!

  1. Toys are life! There’s nothing more that says bath time fun than squirt toys. They are the perfect distraction so you can get your baby cleaned up without any fuss. Try Little Twig BPA Free Signature water Squirt Toys. These are perfectly made for all ages.
  2. Did someone say Bubbles? Yes, bubbles are essential for a fun bath time. The foamier the better. Try a naturally formulated bubble bath, like Little Twig Bubble Bath. Choose from any of our fun bubbly non-toxic scents. 
  3. Toddlerhood Independence. Show your child how to wash himself and only provide help when needed. This will give your child a sense of accomplishment. Try easy to pump products like Little Twig’s Bathtime Essentials help encourage confidence!

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