Take a moment to imagine the home you live in. Take a mental note of everything you are putting in your body, on your skin and in the air of your home. Now, imagine everything your children are touching around the house. Take a little tour around – through the living room, the kitchen, the laundry room, the bathrooms and bedrooms. Look in the open the drawers and cupboards. Our homes are both the heart and the headquarters of our lives. We fill them with the essentials for living and also the fun stuff that makes life worth living. It all adds up to a lot of stuff.

Unfortunately, a lot of the stuff we fill our homes with is toxic.

Although the government is making small changes to regulate the products that are sold but because of weak regulations, our beloved homes where we eat, sleep and raise our families, are filled with products that could be harming our health. As consumers, it has become your responsibility to learn and educate ourselves with what can potentially harm our loved ones. We are here to help take some of that responsibility off your plate. Here are some top reason to switch to non-toxic products throughout your home and more importantly- WHY.


 According to the EPA, the typical American home has chemical contamination levels 2 to 5 times greater than outdoor air. Much of that pollution comes from products we buy and use in our homes. If you stop to think about it, you and your family are breathing that air during the day but more importantly, while you sleep!

Some of the ways household products pollute the air in our homes:

Household cleaning products – Once you spray them, noxious fumes remain in the air and nasty chemicals settle into carpets, land on furniture and surfaces where people eat and children play. Ironic right – since the chemicals we are using to “clean” can actually be polluting the air in our homes.

HOW TO HELP: Choose cleaning products that are plant-based that do not include artificial fragrances. Be sure to read the ingredient panel. For extra help understanding ingredients, check out EWG's guide for healthy cleaning for more education.

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Its tough walking through the aisles of Target and resisting all the cute packaging and brands that you have grown up on. It can be hard to resist the enticing promises found on beauty and personal care products and eye catching labels but underneath the claims are some pretty scary chemicals linked to endocrine (hormone) disruption, allergies and even cancer. That’s because the United States has not banned or restricted very many chemicals used in personal care products even though other countries like Europe have taken the lead and banned thousands of chemicals in personal care products.

The problem with these risky ingredients is that the products do not just lay on top of your skin, they soak into it and then find their way into the bloodstream. More health-protective legislation is needed but meanwhile, it’s up to you to protect your family.

HOW TO HELP: Switch to natural and organic brands is the first step to cleaning up your personal care cabinet. Always check the ingredient listings and don’t be fooled by brand name label claiming to be “green”. Choose products that are paraben, silicone, phthalate and fragrance free as a start.

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Due to lax regulations, a wide variety of planet-damaging chemicals are used in household products we use every day. Think of all those chemicals in our cleaning and personal care products swirling down the drain, or all the things we send to the landfill in a given year. Where do those chemicals end up? Good question! Many of them are persistent organic chemicals (POPs) that are the opposite of biodegradable, meaning they never go away.

HOW TO HELP: Organic based and plant derived products help reduce water pollution and help the earth thrive. Repurpose your empty bottles and buy in bulk when you can. These small changes can make a difference over time.

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